Our plan is to make an interactive space on our Solutions site for fans to post and share their constructive editorials, essays, commentaries and reviews of Stargate SG-1 – the episodes, the characters, the team – interactions and dynamics, story and character arcs, slash, ship, realism, NID, weapons, other teams, aliens – any and all aspects of the show are welcome.

We will state clearly from the outset that we don’t tolerate flames or trolls. In fact, they’re the only people who won’t find this blog fun to post in. Get personal with other bloggers, bash fans or actors or TPTB, and your derriere is right out the virtual door, no question, toot very much sweet. If you as a blogger or browser see a message you believe is trollish or flames or gets personal, don’t take it up on the blog and prolong the difficulties. Contact the Admin and we’ll deal with it as fast and as appropriately as we can.

We do expect debate and we do expect critique from thoughtful fellow fans. We do expect disagreement. We also expect respect for opposing or differing viewpoints and for individuals. Criticism must at all times be tempered by that respect and we expect criticism to be constructive. Michael Shanks said that what the show’s creative looks to is specifics and *alternatives*. If a writing, directing or acting choice doesn’t work for you, tell us why, tell us in as much detail as you can, and tell us what could have worked. “It sucked” won’t go unchallenged 😉

Please note that blog comments and entries which breach our rules will be moderated just as our SG1S fan forum is moderated and repeated breaches by the same individual will result in their expulsion from the blog. IP addresses are automatically logged by the b2 software in order to support such measures as reporting the offending blogger to their service provider. We take the online safety and enjoyment of our bloggers and forum members very seriously.

We look forward to hearing your views :


One thought on “ABOUT OUR BLOG”

  1. Here is thought everybody… I have noticed so many websites some new some old all with the same goals in regards to saving both Stargate sg-1 and Stargate Atlantis which is everyones main goal correct?? So why cant we get everbody who is a host to a site (webmaster, whatever you want to call them) to somehow link together so that everyone world wide can be all on the same page of information and protest or what ever is going on at that spacific moment. Think about this: theres thousands of us out here, but the problem is this – we are all screaming over each other… let us all be heard in one very loud voice! let the webmasters agree with each other and of course with all us vistors of a common goal page- we all know what we want but how to accomplish this is the true question. make atop goal page starting with the first goal being our main priorty and everyones (WORLDWIDE) main focus… wow just that concept of the organization gives me goosebumps! Now theres a thought for us all! WE CAN DO IT….

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