The Space Channel in Canada recently held it’s second annual Spacey Awards and Stargate SG-1 was voted by Canadian viewers as our favourite Canadian Sci Fi series by an impressive 61%, the highest winning margin of any of the awards categories. Col Jack O’Neill was also in the running for a Spacey of his own, nominated in the Favourite TV Action Hero category, but unfortunatelyhe didn’t win. Spike took home the coveted statuette, but although he didn’t win, our Colonel did kick Clark Kent and Jonathan Archer’s butts and came in second. (hey, I voted for him!)

So, for the second year in a row, we Canadians love Stargate!


  1. Is this where we get shallow and mention hair? AT’s hair is short, sleek, smart and looks a heck of a lot more professional for Sam than the last couple of seasons. Possibly her best style ever.

    I’m sad that CJ has lost the fantastic braids he was sporting at ShanksJudge in January this year. They were sooo sexy. I don’t find the short crop he’s currently sporting nearly so attractive as the braids or the shaved head, to be honest. A little disappointing.

    MS was not among those accepting the award – perhaps on location? – so we can’t comment on his look for the new season, unfortunately.

    BTW, let’s hope RDA doesn’t become enamoured of that accent….

  2. I find it incredible that Stargate SG-1 could be voted as favourite Canadian Sci-Fi series when we cannot get a Canadian network to show us up to date episodes. Global started showing season 6 in the fall of 2003 and then stopped after about half a dozen; since then we have had only reruns. I love Stargate and will even watch reruns but why, why, why, can we not be given something new? Since season 8 is now showing in the U.S., can we not be given season 6? I supposed season 7 is out of the question.

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