Jack O’Neill takes command of the SGC in his first few days as general and is faced by every catastrophe imaginable. Top of his list is a looming state visit by President Henry Hayes…

General O’Neill has gained an administrative aide as well as a command, in the form of Gilmor, a former Marine who served in the Gulf. Gilmor was recruited by the CIA but has been in a desk job because of an injury sustained during an operation. S/he [we don’t know Gilmor’s gender yet] was assigned to O’Neill by the departing General Hammond and has a little difficulty adjusting to O’Neill being…O’Neill.

Aside from incarcerated aliens, menu choices and bunting crises, O’Neill – and Gilmor – have to deal with a missing SG-1, who are seemingly hostages of Ba’al, and a highly unorthodox prisoner exchange.

Is Gilmor who s/he seems?
Can O’Neill take any more?