Michael Shanks wins the Leo award for best lead actor in a dramatic series!

The Leo Awards recognize excellence in British Columbia, Canada film and television (Leo Awards Site).

Of the many Leo nominations Stargate SG-1 received this year (see story below), we’re delighted and gratified to see that Michael Shanks was recognized with a win for his stand-out performance in Season 7’s Lifeboat, in which he portrayed, in addition to Daniel, several distinct personalities who angered and moved us by turns.

We’re also very pleased to congratulate Amanda Tapping for winning best lead performance by a female in Season 7’s Grace, in which Sam was trapped alone on Prometheus and forced to face up to her life choices. Our best wishes go also to the sound editing and make-up teams for their wins, and to Colin Cunningham, who won for a different show but is in our hearts anyway.

2004 Award: Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series
Program: Stargate SG1 – Lifeboat
Recipient(s): Michael Shanks

2004 Award: Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series
Program: Stargate SG1 – Grace
Recipient(s): Amanda Tapping

2004 Award: Best Make Up in a Dramatic Series
Program: Stargate SG1 – Enemy Mine
Recipient(s): Jan Newman, Todd Masters, Lise Kuhr, Rachel Griffin, Dorothee Deichmann, Mike Fields

2004 Award: Best Sound Editing in a Dramatic Series
Program: Stargate SG1 – Lost City Part 2
Recipient(s): Devan Kraushar, James Wallace, Kirby Jinnah, Kelly Frey, Jason Mauza

2004 Award: Best Guest Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series
Program: Da Vinci’s Inquest – 25 Dollar Conversation
Recipient(s): Colin Cunningham

See all of the nominees and awardees at Leo Awards Site.


  1. Congratulations to Michael for his win. He deserves it for his tour de force performance. Most justly deserved. I will not comment on Amanda Tapping as I really hated Grace and my opinion would be colored by that fact.

  2. Congratulation to Michael Shanks. One of the best actor all around!!! He is really Dr. Daniel Jackson. It is great how is playing this role. I have never enough to watch him, everytime it seems that I find something new in this character-Thanks to Michael Shanks! Never leave STARGATE again…(smile)

  3. Congratulations Michael. You richly deserve it for Lifeboat and at least a dozen other episodes where your performance made me go ‘WOW’ .
    Perhaps MGM will at last get a clue and see you as the male lead actor that you have always been right from your first line in this show.
    Congratulations. carole

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