Claudia BlackFarscape star Claudia Black, who played the Peacekeeper Officer Aeryn Sun in the SCI FI Channel original series, is to guest star in Stargate SG-1’s Season 8 episode “Prometheus Unbound“. The news was reported in a post at Gateworld Forum by Stargate writer and Co-Executive Producer Joseph Mallozzi.

Mallozzi told fans that Black will play Vala, the alien woman who steals the Earth’s only starship Prometheus, and with it, Dr. Daniel Jackson.

Vala, dryly humorous, challenging and cynical, uses her looks to try to distract Daniel from preventing completion of her mission, which is to deliver the Prometheus to her people, whom she alleges to be rebels fleeing from Ba’al. Vala herself was once the host to a Goa’uld symbiote.

Farscape’s Aeryn Sun is one of the strongest and smartest female characters to ever grace the screen, with Black taking a coveted TV Guide cover as one of the sexiest stars in the universe. Farscape fans are fortunate to be able to welcome Claudia Black back to her most famous role in the mini-series “Farscape: Peacekeeper War” which finished filming in March of this year and is currently in post-production. Also starring Ben Browder [reprising his role of John Crichton], “Peacekeeper War” wraps up the loose ends left dangling when the series came to its abrupt and much lamented end last year after it was cancelled by SCI FI Channel because of disappointing ratings. Ironically, its spot in SCI FI’s Friday night line-up was taken by Stargate SG-1.

Stargate fans are sure to welcome Claudia Black to the SG-1 universe and will keenly anticipate the entanglement of her character Vala with series favourite Daniel Jackson, played by star Michael Shanks, in Season 8’s “Prometheus Unbound”. Black’s appearance in the show is sure to excite media and genre interest.

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  1. I am really starting to look forward to this episode. I think Claudia is an interesting choice for the role and I am sure she will rise to the challenge of bantering with Daniel.

  2. I love FarScape. I love Claudia Black. I can’t wait until PK War! And now, I find out she’ll be on Stargate…well at least it isn’t Andromeda. I guess it’ll give me another reason to watch the show, other than Amanda Tapping!

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