Robert Cooper’s comments about everyone being promoted, and the acknowledgements given to both Sam and Jack, including medals (Both well deserved), have reminded me of the lack of recognition given to Daniel.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is America’s highest civilian honor, the equivalent of the military Medal of Honor in times of war. In 1945, President Harry Truman, searching for a way to honor the contributions of American civilians in World War II, created the Medal of Freedom as the nation’s highest civilian honor to be the equivalent of the military Medal of Honor.

President Kennedy went on to expand the Presidential Medal of Freedom to include all who had made lasting contributions “in all forms of endeavor that are touched with the public interest.” In addition to the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the award could be presented with a higher degree: The Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction.

Daniel Jackson has served alongside Colonel Jack O’Neill, Major Samantha Carter, who have both been recognised for their contributions to the Stargate Program and for saving the planet on numerous occasions. Daniel Jackson has been ignored. The Presidential Medal of Freedom should have been given to him a long time ago. If this medal stands for anything, it stands for what this man has given for his country. This award is often given to those who aid in the preservation of world peace. Because the writers have chosen to ignore the contribution of the whole team, we’ve decided to have a plaque or medal made on behalf of the fans. It will be sent to the studio’s for Michael Shanks to hold on behalf of his alter ego. TPTB might not recognise Daniel Jacksons contribution, but we do.

If you want to participate. Then leave your name and e-mail address in the comments section on the homepage, along with a few words to describe why you think Daniel Jackson’s contributions to his country, deserves to be recognised. These will then be sent, along with the presentation, to Robert Cooper, who will be asked to present it to Michael Shanks. Robert Cooper will also then be made aware of the feelings of the fans. If the writers won’t do what needs to be done, then we need to do it for them.





  1. Daniel Jackson should be recognised for his efforts to save not only the world but also the entire galaxy. His unending heroism and grand sacrifice must have merrit. He must be commended or he is worth little more than a melted candy bar.

  2. I can see only one problem with this suggestion. Surely the recipients of such a prestigious medal and the reasons for their having been awarded it would be listed as a matter of public record. So how would they explain WHY Daniel was being awarded it to a public unaware of the Stargate program?

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