Actor Michael Shanks, who plays Dr. Daniel Jackson on the show, was interviewed 9 July by Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune “Michael Shanks: Back And Loving It”

SHANKS on the relationship between Jack O’Neill and Daniel Jackson.

It’s a great dynamic between Rick’s character and Daniel Jackson, to have that sort of earnest enthusiasm and this boyish naivete and altruistic belief in the concepts of science fiction, and then have O’Neill as the voice of the audience, saying, “Oh, come on.” It’s fun to have one character believe and then have another character mock that a little.

There is an element of moral debate there, though. It’s great to ask the what-if questions, we don’t know what time travel or [travel to the stars] would be like, why not take people from our present time and put in all the SpongeBob jokes and see what would happen in those situations. As long as you don’t take the audience out of it by taking it to pure camp. But I love Rick’s character’s sense of humor to escape the seriousness of a situation.

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