We are alarmed by the spoilers for upcoming Season 8 episode 8.17 “Threads” (read them here). After a rousing, team-oriented, blessedly ship-free opening to the season, we are faced with the prospect of the final, irrevocable destruction of the O’Neill and Carter characters as they shred what’s left of their integrity and ethics on the altar of their unconvincing attraction.

If you don’t want Jack to retire and lead the SGC as a civilian so that he and Carter can boink their way around Air Force regulations… if you don’t think Pete deserves to be shoved aside after giving Sam nothing but his love, kindness, and devotion… if you find it the least bit hard to believe that General O’Neill would have a secret love affair with the civilian who oversees SGC operations… if you’re wondering why you have to be subjected to all of this in a SCIENCE FICTION program… if you feel like turning your back on the show and all of its merchandise and all of its spin-offs… then join us in making your opinion known to those in power.

Keep in mind, we have been lied to. Sam was supposed to have dealt with her feelings about Jack in “Grace”. Sam was supposed to be moving on in “Chimera”. Instead she is stringing Pete along, using him as her emotional development kindergarten until she can attain her true love. Sam is no longer the strong woman archetype. She is the neurotic chick leaving a wreckage of broken promises behind her.

Jack is no better, harboring these feelings for a woman under his command while he promotes her and gives her a perfect review as if there is no conflict of interest, and all of that in addition to having an inappropriate affair with a civilian who oversees his command. We find it beyond offensive that the show would protray officers of the USAF, and our supposed heroes, in such a breach of the ethics and ideals of service. And all this just as the USAF is about to honor Richard Dean Anderson for his portrayal of Jack O’Neill. It boggles the mind.

Below are addresses, phone, and fax numbers to let the show’s powers that be know how you feel about Mr. Cooper’s shocking ending to this season. There is still time to change this episode, if we take the time to speak up. Write, or better yet because time is so short, call or fax:

The Sci-Fi Channel
Attn: Mr. Dave Howe, General Manager
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY
Viewer comment line: (212) 413-5000
Fax: (212) 413-6531

MGM Television Entertainment
Attn: Mr. Hank Cohen, President
2500 Broadway St.
Santa Monica, CA
Tel: (310) 449-3000
Fax: (310) 449-3100

Stargate SG-1 Productions
Attn: Mr. Robert C. Cooper, Executive Producer
The Bridge Studios
2400 Boundary Rd.
Burnaby, BC
V5M 3Z3
Fax: (604) 292-8550

Note: postage from the US to Canada is 60 cents for a letter, and 50 cents for a postcard