Exclusive: Season 9 Cast Changes

So, will Don Davis be in Season 9? At the L3 convention this weekend Peter DeLuise was surprised I even asked. “That’s no secret,” he said, and confirmed that Don would definitely be in the next season if it happens. However, Peter says negotiations are still taking place on how many episodes he will appear in. Will General Hammond command the SGC or simply keep an eye on things? Either way, his return is most welcome.

Meanwhile, Martin Wood invited the audience at L3 to ask him if Stargate Atlantis was the only Stargate spin-off they’d been discussing or whether there was something else. When the audience asked if there was, he pulled a wouldn’t-you-like-to-know-but-the-answer-is-yes face, and told us nothing! Martin also said we could expect “cast changes” in Season 9.

Later, I asked Martin Wood if Claudia Black’s Season 8 appearance was a one-off or whether we could expect to see her again in Season 9. He didn’t answer, but he pulled that face again. As with Don, there is no knowing how much Claudia will be in the show but judging solely on Martin’s expression, I would not be at all surprised if Vala became a recurring character. That said, I’m no judge of face-pulling so keep your eyes open for more news as we get it. Perhaps TPTB are waiting to see how fans feel about Vala before a final decision is made.

While I’m spinning out wild theories – if spin-offs are being considered, perhaps Daniel and Vala have a future beyond Stargate? Or maybe the Egyptians didn’t build the pyramids and it was really aliens…no, that’s going too far.