“Galaxy” lit by more Stargate stars

“A Galaxy of Stars” has added several Stargate stars to their message board.

Fans of Cliff Simon (Ba’al) will be thrilled to know that he just joined the board. Also just joining is Louis Gossett, Jr. who will be introduced as Gerak, a former First Prime of the Goa’uld Atum, during the opening episodes of Season Nine.

Cliff and Louis are joining the following Stargate SG-1 stars at “Galaxy of Stars”:
Frida Betrani (Lya of the Nox)
Gary Jones (Sgt. Walter Harriman)
Jacqueline Samuda (Nirrti)
Alex Zahara (Xe’ls, Michael, Eggar, Iron Shirt, Warrick, and others)
Robert Duncan (Dr. Melburn Jackson, Seth)
Enid-Raye Adams (Jones from “Prometheus”)
Douglas Arthurs (Heru’ur)
Andy Mikita (Director)
Bill Dow (Dr. Bill Lee)
Jason Schombing (Dr. Robert Rothman)

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