S9 Spoilers: Season Finale

Producers talk about Season Nine and how it will end

With all the excitement going on right now concerning Stargate SG-1‘s placement in the ratings, it comes as no surprise that talk has started concerning whether or not the show will be renewed for a record-breaking tenth season.

SG-1‘s first two episodes, “Avalon Part 1” and “Avalon Part 2”, both rated at 2.1. Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi stated recently in his GateWorld Blog that they are pleased with the show’s standings. Mallozzi has consistently insisted that it will be the fans who will determine if the show is renewed, based on the ratings. “There is no way of knowing whether we’ll be doing another season until the ratings are in. The audience has the final say on that one.”

When asked how high the ratings need to be in order to get renewed, Mallozzi said, “That really depends. When we moved to SciFi Channel, we were hoping for 1.5 – 1.7 average and ended up with slightly higher. After the SciFi Channel expanded its viewer base, we expected those numbers to drop slightly but, instead, they inched higher. Last year, we were hitting 2.0’s, 2.1’s, 2.2’s consistently. If that keeps up, I would think chances are good – but who knows. There are other variables that go into making that sort of decision – chiefest of which is the economic viability of continuing to produce the show. In the end, if it becomes a money-losing proposition, then the plug will be pulled. However, if DVD sales are any indication, the show seems to be doing alright in that respect.”

It may or may not be too early to tell if the show will be renewed based on two weeks’ worth of ratings, but executive producer and show-runner Robert C. Cooper has emphatically stated that they are finished with writing “The End” as if thinking that the current season will be the last season, something that they’ve been doing since Season Five.

Currently, they are producing and prepping episodes which will air in the second half of the season. Through Mallozzi’s Q&A thread and Blog at GateWorld, fans have been kept informed at where things stand as far as episodes go. Currently, we’re aware of 18 of the 20 episodes to air this season. That leaves two episodes which might be reserved for a two-part season finale.

So, how are they going to approach the end of this season? Will it all be wrapped up in a neat package and ended once again like Season Eight?

Attendees at the recent Comic Con held in San Diego (July 14-17) have reported that executive producers Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright say that Season Nine will end in a cliffhanger. When asked to confirm these reports, Joseph Mallozzi stated in his Q&A thread at GateWorld, “We won’t get definite word about a renewal until well after the season finale has been written. Cliffhanger it is.”

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