CJ/MS Women of SciFi Calendar pre-orders

The Women of SciFi Calendar is a joint project between photographer Chris Judge and producer Michael Shanks. The two have been showing exciting previews of the accompanying DVD at recent convention appearances. The calendar and DVD will feature Brandy Ledford, Lexa Doig, Erica Durance, Laura Bertram, Rachel Luttrell, Ona Grauer, and Teryl Rothery. The calendar is available for pre-orders now:


Please note, the current web order form does not use encryption (https) so it is risky to send your credit card information, as it may be intercepted along the way. It might be prudent to wait for the secure PayPal option. Edited to add: apparently the site will be secure starting August 27. We suggest you not order before then. Thanks SueB for that info.

Thanks to Elyse at sg1_spoilme for the tip.