Shanks' CSI Miami Episode Ranks #1

For Nielsen Ratings for week of December 19 to 25

Michael Shanks as Doug StetsMichael Shanks’ appearance in the episode “Payback” was watched by 20.3 million viewers as reported by! This rating put CSI: Miami at the top of the Nielsen prime-time ratings for the week of December 19 to 25. During the previous week, the show ranked #10 with 13.8 million viewers.

CNN Top 10 (changes weekly) (previous week’s ratings are in cache in Google)

[Thanks to Jace and luvtwtid for the tip — DeeKayP]

4 thoughts on “Shanks' CSI Miami Episode Ranks #1”

  1. WHOO-HOO! Amazing what happens when you appeal to SF fans, ummmm??? 🙂

  2. What fantastic news 🙂 Looking at the ratings trends for CSI Miami in the weeks preceding Michael’s episode, this represents a significant boost for the show. I can only hope that he receives some recognition for the shot in the arm his fanbase gave this important primetime network show.

  3. I somehow get the feeling that he might be seeing more work in the US after this. Probably quite a relief with the show going into an unprecedented 10th season (even though *we’d* watch until they’re all old and gray, SciFi’s probably not going to go for it 😉 and a growing family to support. Acting’s not known for being the most reliable career in the universe. Congratulations to MS!

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