S10 Spoilers: New Character for S10

Brad Wright talks to SciFiWire

In a recent article posted at SciFiWire, Stargate SG-1 co-creator and executive producer Brad Wright talked about the new villain for the show’s record-breaking tenth season:

SG-1 Adding A New Girl
Patrick Lee, News Editor

Brad Wright, executive producer of SCI FI Channel’s original series Stargate SG-1, told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming 10th season will take the current storyline to the next level with the addition of an important new character. Speaking in an interview on the show’s Vancouver, Canada, set, where the 10th season is now shooting, Wright offered these spoilers: “The other big change … is the introduction of a new character, who is basically the leader of the Ori in our galaxy. And her name is Adria.”

The character, who has not yet been cast, will show up in the 10th season’s premiere episode, “Flesh and Blood,” which airs in July. Wright said that she first appears “as a young girl, or various stages of a young girl, if that’s not telling too much. And then, of course, we’ll see her as a full-grown … woman later on.”

In the ninth-season finale, which just aired on SCI FI, the villainous Ori had sent immense starships into our galaxy to fight the forces of Earth and its allies.

Next season will also see the permanent addition of Claudia Black (Vala) as a regular cast member, joining Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Christopher Judge and Beau Bridges.

Adria is Vala’s daughter and is genetically engineered to possess the knowledge of the Ori. She also is advanced in her physical make-up, much like the Ancients were before they ascended. Her powers and knowledge, however, are limited by her physical form. As Wright mentioned above, we’ll first see Adria as a child in the season premiere “Flesh and Blood”. She’ll be seen as a seven-year-old and as a twelve-year-old. Based on how quickly she grows, she’ll reach adulthood in a very short time after her birth.

We’ll post any new information as we get it.

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