Sci Fi Monday Night Snippets

The theme of April 17th’s Sci Fi SG-1 marathon was “Those Darned Russians”; it featured four eps with Jack’s favorite comrades. Once again, there were interview snippets interspersed through the episodes. Thanks once more to Elyse from SG1_spoilme, here are the transcripts of those mini-interviews.

Chris Judge

Early on in the show’s run, we didn’t get to see a lot of the concept drawings, so the director would say ‘there’s a big ship, a BIG huge ship,’ so what you imagine is like a big ship, but we would see the final cut and it would be MONSTROUS. It would eclipse the horizon and so we learned early on, we had to kind of imagine bigger and better and I think that made us better as actors.

Claudia Black

I think Richard Dean Anderson is so specifically identified with the show that, you know, when I said I was coming to join the cast of Stargate, they’d say ‘oh, the one with Richard Dean Anderson,’ and to turn up and have him not be here, it’s kind of weird, and even more peculiar to have Ben [Browder] in his place, for want of a better word, but he is someone as an actor and a character who can’t ever really be replaced.

Michael Shanks

God, we had one great location which was the sand dunes of Richmond which gave us this whole otherworldly feel, gave us back to our grassroots of the original Stargate movie, has unfortunately been developed. We’ve been doing the show so long we’ve actually watched the city grow over our locations that we started off in. The GVRD – which was our go-to place which is the Greater Vancouver Regional District Water Reservoir – and that’s gone by the wayside too, so we’re kind of running out – it’s odd to say in British Columbia – we’re running out of forest to shoot in.

Amanda Tapping

I love it when it’s the four of us going off, wreaking havoc in the universe. And all of our little idiosyncrancies and dysfunctions coming together in, you know, a crisis moment and how we deal with it, how the interpersonal relationships play. I love it when there’s an episode about all four of us. Those are kind of my favorite stories. Of course now it will be all five of us. Six, if you count Beau. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger…

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