S10 Spoilers: Company of Thieves



Mitchell goes undercover within the Lucian Alliance to save his teammates who are caught in the middle of the Alliance’s civil war.


The Lucian Alliance is in the midst of a civil war, with Netan leading one side, and Anateo leading the other. Even though Anateo wears the uniform of the Lucian Alliance, he pledges allegiance to no one. Anateo manages to capture the Odyssey while Carter is onboard. The ship is badly damaged and Anateo forces Carter to turn off its subspace beacon which transmits its location while one of Anateo’s men, Solek, points his gun at Emerson. Not wishing for the signal to be cut off, Emerson orders Carter not to comply with Anateo’s request and Solek shoots him in the chest, killing him. Just to make sure he’s dead, Solek fires two more shots into his body.

Elsewhere, the rest of SG-1 is onboard a cargo ship, wearing undercover clothes. The cargo ship is not in the best shape, with an extraordinarily loud engine and defective stabilizers which give a rough ride. Daniel and Vala meet with Borzin, someone Vala knows from the past to find out about what happened to the Odyssey. Borzin pretends to want to help, but ends up capturing the two to bring before Amateo for bounty. They are brought onboard the Odyssey where Amateo is watching over Carter as she makes repairs. He has his eyes on Carter for other, more personal, reasons as he finds her attractive. Borzin demands payment for capturing Amateo, but Amateo quietly orders Solek to kill him. Daniel and Vala try to reassure Carter that everything was going according to plan.

Mitchell and Teal’c return to the SGC and discuss the intelligence that the Odyssey was not destroyed, but was in the hands of the Lucian Alliance with Gen. Landry. Landy then asks that Teal’c spread the word among the Jaffa that he’d like to talk with the Alliance’s leader.

Major Escher, the leader of SG-12, briefs Gen. Landry, Mitchell, and Teal’c on the Lucian Alliance infrastructure, explaining that Netan has divided his territory and each division is controlled by one of his lieutenants, which they call “seconds”. There are about twenty of these “seconds” who oversee the operations, including smuggling, extortion, racketeering, and trafficking kassa, the highly addictive corn. One of these “seconds” is named Kefflin, who oversees a large kassa production operation from his command ship as a recluse. Because of this, very few people have ever seen him and Mitchell decides to go undercover inside of Netan’s group impersonating Kefflin. Kefflin has a reputation for being a brutal killer with a notorious temper. Netan keeps his “seconds” away from each other to prevent the possibility of mutany.

Mitchell intercepts Vashin’s mothership, asking to see Netan. As soon as Mitchell is ringed onboard Vashin’s ship, he starts a fight. Mitchell pretends to get beaten badly, secretly smearing fake blood all over his face, and Vashin immediately takes him to Netan. Mitchell acts wounded and takes hold of Netan’s forearm and pricks him with a ring which gives Netan the illusion that he is indeed Kefflin (this kind of ring was used by Daniel when he infiltrated the System Lord summit as the human slave of Lord Yu in Season Five’s “Summit”/”Last Stand”). Netan embraces him.

Mitchell, as Kefflin, is introduced to some of Netan’s officers: Gavos, Slaviash, Karug, Millic, and Rameris. They sit at their meal and discuss the state of affairs. At this point, Mitchell tells Netan that Amateo has captured the Odyssey. Netan sent him to capture the ship in exchange for five ha’tak vessels. Mitchell also tells him that Amateo had set a trap for SG-1, something Netan had not sanctioned. Netan’s officers realize that Amateo has betrayed them.

Marks is on the Odyssey and he and several of the crew find Daniel and Vala.

In the meantime, Vashin has captured Teal’c and is torturing him for information about the rest of the team and why he was spying on them. Mitchell, still impersonating Kefflin, has to look on. When he sees that Vashin is about to use the Goa’uld pain stick, he jumps in and declares to Netan that he knows how to get the information out of Teal’c. Netan, amused, encourages him.

Guest Characters

SGC: Col. Paul Emerson, Marks of the Odyssey, and Maj. Escher of SG-12.
Lucian Alliance and company: Netan, Vashin, Gavos, Slaviash, Karug, Millic, Rameris, Amateo, Solek, and Borzin.


Written by: Alan McCullough
Directed by: Will Waring
Before cameras: starting May 10

Note: Spoilers are subject to change as the episode is still in production.