Shanks on Daniel's Longevity

Shanks for the Memories

Starburst Issue #339, Summer ’06, features Michael Shanks and Joe Flanigan on the cover, and interviews with both. An excerpt of Michael’s interview is available on-line here, including:

…”In terms of the creative aspect, we’ve had a lot of continuity behind the scenes. Brad Wright has been there throughout, and Robert Cooper as well. We’ve had a lot of writers, like Joe (Mallozzi) and Paul (Mullie), who’ve stayed around, and it’s the same with the actors and crew. Most of us have been here a very long time, and that’s where a lot of shows falter. They lose people here and there and the continuity, which is so valuable, goes by the wayside. We also keep a good sense of humour.”

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Old-time fans might remember another interview with Michael also entitled “Shanks for the Memories,” conducted by Thomasina Gibson in 2002. The context and tone of that interview were quite different, as Michael had just left the show. Feel free to relive those times here. 🙁 😉

2 thoughts on “Shanks on Daniel's Longevity”

  1. Wow — big difference in the tone of these two interviews! It’s remarkable what they’ve made of Daniel Jackson when it appeared that his time was over. I love the character and I’m glad to see that he’s still around going on fantastic adventures. To be honest, Daniel Jackson is why I’m still a Stargate SG-1 fan!


  2. Glad the PTB had at least the sense to bring him back but these reports really need to find a new pun!

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