S10 Spoilers: Bad Guys

10.16? “Bad Guys”


Caught on a planet where they are mistaken for hostage-taking rebels, the team pretend to be volatile “bad guys” as they hold the police at bay while trying to find a way home.


Cicero, a museum researcher, has theorized that the Stargate is a means of teleportation and his co-workers consider him a “kook”. When the team comes through the Stargate, he’s thrilled. But things go terribly wrong and the team ends up being considered Rebels and hostage-takers. Cicero is among the “hostages”, believes their story, and tries to help them.

The police assume that the team are Rebels and have taken hostages in the museum. Their first encounter doesn’t go well and Daniel ends up getting this world’s equivalent of a tazar jolt.

Not able to convince them otherwise, the team decides to act like hostage-takers. Cicero gives Daniel his idea of what Rebels would demand, but these demands are considered extreme by the negotiator, Quartus.

The museum has a fake DHD on display and this is why the team is stuck. While Mitchell and Vala go with Cicero to his lab to see if he has the power crystal to the DHD which was found in fragments in the temple where the Stargate was discovered, Daniel continues “negotiating” with Quartus, sometimes letting his “good guy” nature slip until Teal’c reminds him that he is supposed to be the “bad guy”. Daniel “threatens” to harm the hostages if his demands to free imprisoned Rebels aren’t met. As it turns out, Quartus is lying to Daniel as much as Daniel is lying to him. He is under orders to exterminate the “Rebels” and is merely killing time so that his forces can overwhelm them.

During all of this, a museum security guard named Jayem Seran is hiding in the hallways, deciding that he needs to be a hero. He contacts Quartus on his radio, but Quartus doesn’t want Jayem’s help from the inside and asks that he find a safe place until the whole thing is over. Thinking that Quartus asked him to stand down because their radios were compromised, Jayem decides to get involved instead. Vala and Mitchell end up capturing him and getting him to use his keycard to unlock the display which holds a Goa’uld bomb. They hope to use its power source to get home.

In the meantime, Cicero slips out and approaches the police with his hands raised. He explains to Quartus that the team are not Rebels, but actually visitors from another world.

NOTE: Carter is not mentioned in any of the offworld scenes.

Guest Characters

Cicero – Museum researcher
Jayem Seran – Museum security guard
Quartus – Hostage negotiator
Lourdes – Police officer who initially tries to capture the team


Written by: Martin Gero
Directed by: Peter DeLuise
Before cameras: August 16-24

Please note that spoilers are subject to change while the episode is in production.

5 thoughts on “S10 Spoilers: Bad Guys”

  1. This could be fun. Daniel being bad then good and Teal’c reminding him he’s supposed to be bad 🙂 No Carter? That would be too good to be true, especially being a PDL episode!


  2. What is interesting about this ep is that Vala is doing the technical stuff that Carter would normally do. She’s the one who comes up with the idea to look for the power crystal from the fragments of the real DHD. She’s also the one who rigs the bomb’s power source to the Stargate to attempt a manual dial-out.

    At one time, when they were tossing this “we don’t know what to do with Carter” stuff back between seasons at the time of contract negotiations, it had occurred to me that maybe it is because Vala has all of the technical know-how, even moreso than Sam, because of being the ex-host to a Goa’uld. She was able to figure out the “primitive” technology of the Prometheus and, according to Carter in “Ripple Effect”, Carter “helped build this thing”.

    It is also interesting that the writers are still stuck in the 4-man team dynamic. They don’t seem to be able to work in the 5th. They claim that they want to give each character appropriate screentime, and I can see that, so they split the team up to do it.

    We only have a small glimpse into what is happening in this episode. There is no mention of Carter anywhere in the sides that we obtained, but that’s not to say that she isn’t in the episode. There could very well be a B Story that she’s leading. We just don’t know.


  3. Maybe this one follows the one where Sam is seriously wounded, leaving her to recuperate at home. She could be back at base with Landry. You’re right about Vala and all her knowledge. Kind of leaves Carter in a precarious position!


  4. I’m wondering if this episode will be Carter-free because Amanda Tapping has already done an episode of Stargate Atlantis (McKay and Mrs. Miller) and it counts toward her 20 episodes. She said that she’s signed to do 20 episodes and that they could possibly be split between the two shows.


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