S10 Spoilers: Talion



A terrorist bombing of a Jaffa council meeting ends with several deaths, including innocent bystanders and children. Teal’c seeks revenge when he discovers that one of his former pupils is behind the slaughter.


The choice to follow the Ori is being made by several of the Free Jaffa, including one of Bra’tac’s and Teal’c’s former pupils, Arkad. A strong warrior in his own right, Arkad claims to have a fleet more than ten times the size of that of any Goa’uld. He is prepared to order his fleet to attack Earth if the Tau’ri continue to interfere in the Jaffa’s freedom to choose their own path. As a way to define his purpose, he has named his group the Illac Renin (in Ancient, loosely translated, means “Kingdom of the Path”).

Arkad threatens Earth after his group has performed a most horrendous deed: they bombed a gathering of Jaffa at Dar Ashkalon who wished to oppose the Ori and the Jaffa’s turning to Origin. Thirty-two Jaffa were killed, including twelve Jaffa who were gathered at the summit, eighteen innocent bystanders, and two children.

Bra’tac and Teal’c were at the summit. Both were injured in the blast, Bra’tac more severely than Teal’c. Bra’tac is taken to the SGC infirmary where Dr. Lam takes care of him and places him in intensive care.

SG-3, under the command of Col. Reynolds, helps in the clean-up following the bombing. He discovers that Arkad plans to attack Earth to impress his group. Word is that Arkad is stockpiling weapons grade Naquadah for a coordinated attack against the Tau’ri.

Teal’c ignores his teammates and goes on a one-man quest for vengeance. He follows various leads on Arkad’s whereabouts. He knows that Arkad is responsible for the attack because he saw him there. Along the way, Teal’c is aided by a barkeep who stuns two thugs who attempt to overpower him while he is interviewing Lizan, a follower of the Ori and great opponent of the Jaffa, but one who knows much about Arkad’s operation.

Teal’c finds Ba’kal, one of Arkad’s followers who set the three explosives which killed the 32 Jaffa at the summit. Teal’c goes so far as to remove the Jaffa’s symbiote, killing it, and to plant a bomb in his empty pouch in order to obtain from him what he wants to know — primarily, Arkad’s whereabouts.

If Teal’c had only stayed with his team, he would have known that Arkad was on Earth at the SGC. Still too weak to confront Arkad when he comes to Earth to speak with General Landry, Mitchell, Daniel, Carter, and Vala, Bra’tac permits Daniel to speak on his behalf. Following the meeting, Mitchell and Daniel visit Bra’tac in intensive care to determine why Arkad claims to have far more power than he actually does and why he wishes to draw Earth into a confrontation.

In the meantime, Teal’c gets closer to his own confrontation on a smaller, more personal scale — with Arkad…

Guest Characters

  • Bra’tac
  • Col. Reynolds of SG-3
  • Dr. Carolyn Lam
  • Sgt. Walter Harriman
  • Arkad
  • Lizan
  • Ba’kal
  • Barkeep
  • Ki’ara
  • Nisal
  • Jaffa Girl


  • Written by: Damian Kindler
  • Directed by: Andy Mikita
  • Before cameras: August 25-September 5

Please note that spoilers are subject to change as the episode is being produced.


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