Stargate SG-1 now available on iTunes

Stargate SG-1 fans who don’t have access to the SciFi Channel will be delighted to learn that Season 10 of the show is now available for download from Apple’s iTunes store. Stargate Atlantis Season 3 is also available. Both are accessible via the TV Shows genre, in the Sci Fi Channel section.

The first 5 episodes are already on iTunes for download, costing just $1.99 each.  A season pass for these and all future episodes of Season 10 costs $37.99.  Once a pass is purchased, current episodes will be downloaded immediately and future episodes will download as they become available.

International fans will be disappointed to learn Stargate SG-1 episodes can only be purchased and downloaded from the US iTunes store; a British account holder, for example, was not able to purchase an episode or the season pass.

Still, this is a great move forward in legal downloading and for fans, long overdue.

Click here for Stargate SG-1 on Apple’s iTunes music store.