Moving On: Tapping, Judge, and Baccarin

Stargate SG-1 Actors Take On New Projects

With the cancellation of Stargate SG-1 and the last shooting day already past, fans of the 10-year-old series might be wondering what’s in store for the actors as they move on. The rumor mill is still putting out the possibility of there being a series of TV movies to be produced along-side Stargate Atlantis once February 2007 comes around, but MGM and the Sci Fi Channel have not officially announced such a project.

In recent interviews conducted by Underground Online, Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter), Christopher Judge (Teal’c), and Morena Baccarin (Adria) tell about some of the projects in which they might have a future beyond SG-1.

Amanda Tapping

I have something possibly coming down the pipe that I might be shooting in October, and that would be sort of a sci-fi thing. I can’t talk about it, but come February, I will be talking very loudly about it. I’m very excited about it, but it is a sci-fi project. But it’s a pretty wide open genre and it’s all about possibility.

Christopher Judge

Just a few weeks ago I completed another pilot [script], which I’ve gotten really good feedback with and I’ve given it to Brad [Wright] and Rob [Cooper], so they probably won’t read it until we’re done. But if we just go to movies, it would be the next TV thing I would like to do. I had some really good feedback from the two studios I’ve given it to, and I would like nothing more to continue working with the people we’re working with now.

Morena Baccarin

I’m waiting to hear about a pilot I shot called Heartland, to see if it will be picked up by TNT. Other than that, back to auditioning.

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