Jewel Staite Speaks Out on Atlantis Role

Atlantis Casting Spoilers follow

Last week Jewel Staite wrote in her blog about her recurring role as Dr. Keller, MD, in Season 4 of Stargate Atlantis. She confirmed the departure of Paul McGillion from the cast but said she does not feel her character will be “replacing” Beckett in the way fans have assumed. She will be playing a prodigy/genius doctor, which is presumably a way to explain her young age (she is 24 yrs old). She asked fans not to “hate” her for taking the job that was offered to her. Obviously she had nothing to do with Carson’s demise, so that seems a quite reasonable request. 🙂

Apart from Jewel’s role, fans continue to campaign for Carson’s reinstatement full-time at

One thought on “Jewel Staite Speaks Out on Atlantis Role”

  1. I had to vote as “neutral” on the “Atlantis” cast changes… I HATE that they’re taking Paul McGillion off the show, ’cause Dr. Beckett’s my absolute favorite “Atlantis” character. Wanna go bitch-slap the Boys At Bridge for getting rid of Carson, the *bastards*… *grrrrr*
    But… they’re bringing in Jewel Staite, who played Kaylee, my favorite “Firefly” character. YAY, Jewel! *purrrrr*
    *sigh* Unfortunately, there’s no button for “Can’t we have *both* of ’em???” in the online voting box.
    I doubt any fan with a brain will “blame” J.S. for “replacing” P.McG.; if anything, she’ll be the “silver lining” on an otherwise very grey and stormy cloud.

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