Sky One Corrects S10 Airing Order

Second half of Season 10 in the UK

There’s been quite the buzz going on recently about the episode airing order for the second half of Season 10 as published by Sky One. Viewers in the UK were treated to the premiere of “The Quest Part 2” last Tuesday, January 9, at 8pm, but the online schedule for the remainder of the season listed the following episodes in their production order and not what has been stated by those inside the production as the correct airing order. After seeing “The Quest Part 2”, online fans realized that the showing of “Bounty” after that episode doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and many fans who frequent the Gateworld forum sent e-mails to Sky One to ask them to confirm their schedule. Even though a response confirmed that Sky One would broadcast the episodes in production order, the online schedule grid for Sky One has been updated to reflect the correct airing order. Only time will truly tell if “Line in the Sand” will be aired next Tuesday, January 16.

Solutions modified the Season Ten listing as soon as we were informed of the correct airing order (August 1, 2006). However, other fan sites and Sky One had continued to list the episodes in production order. It has been common practice for the crew to film episodes out of sequence due to various reasons including actor availability.

The second half of Season Ten currently has the following airing order reported on our Season Ten page:
10.11 – The Quest Part 2
10.12 – Line in the Sand
10.13 – The Road Not Taken
10.14 – The Shroud
10.15 – Bounty
10.16 – Bad Guys (Sky One has called this episode “Villains”)
10.17 – Talion
10.18 – Family Ties
10.19 – Dominion
10.20 – Unending

[Thanks to shelsfc, Jedi Master Bra’tac, and others on the Gateworld forum for their tracking of Sky One’s schedule which has coincided with my own investigation conducted on the Solutions On-Site Forum]


3 thoughts on “Sky One Corrects S10 Airing Order”

  1. Looks like Sky one have corrected their error. (There’s a first for everything) The on-screen guide says “Line in the sand” is on Tuesday 16th.

  2. Unfortunately HBO in Poland didn’t do homework well, or rather didn’t do their homework AT ALL. After The Quest pt. 2 last week they’ve just aired “Bounty”. What the bunch of idiots!!! *grrrrr*

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