Staite Talks About New Atlantis Role

Stargate Project Interviews Jewel Staite

Fans of Stargate Atlantis will be meeting a new character played by Firefly actress, Jewel Staite. Staite isn’t new to the Stargate universe, having played a young Wraith in Season Two’s “Instinct”.

Staite returns to Stargate Atlantis as a human medical doctor, Dr. Keller. According to a blog entry made by Staite, Dr. Keller will be a young genius in the medical field. She’s been asked to appear in possibly up to 12 episodes in Season Four.

The interview at Stargate Project covers several of Staite’s other projects, but there were two questions concerning Stargate Atlantis which might be of interest to fans (beware of slight spoilers ahead):

SGPnet: Are there any news on the character of Dr. Keller you will be playing next year in “Stargate – Atlantis”? Do you already know, if we see her in season four for the first time, or if she will be introduced already at the end of season three? And are you happy to get back to the show, to the catering and the breakfast sandwiches, which you said, you liked the best?

JS: Yes, she will be introduced at the end of season three. I can’t say a whole lot about her, because truthfully, I still don’t know a whole lot! I’ve only done one episode! I do know I’ll be on for a few episodes, but we still don’t know how many, and I can’t tell you any secrets unfortunately! I will say that the cast is great and a lot of fun, and the whole vibe on the set is very relaxed and easy-going. And there’s nothing wrong with a big greasy breakfast sandwich to start the day!

SGPnet: This time you will be playing a human woman without a mask, but you first appeared on the show as a Wraith-girl named Elia in the episode “Instinct” of season two, wearing heavy prosthetics and contact lenses. Through the experiences you made on this episode, would you still be up to play another alien or would you choose your role more carefully next time?

JS: Hmmm. Well, I definitely need a break from the prosthetics for a while, I will say that. That was TOUGH. I’ve never been so distracted from my performance before; it was a real challenge to concentrate on the scene when I was so uncomfortable under all of that stuff. I have such respect for actors wearing prosthetics now. It’s a true art to do it and still be a nice person to work with!

To read the rest of the interview, visit Stargate Project.

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