Paul McGillion Q&A on Atlantis, Fans, and the Future

Paul McGillion discusses the response to the demise of his character, reflects on his time on Atlantis, and looks to the future in an exclusive new Q&A conducted by Paul is especially humbled and grateful for all the letters and gifts that have been sent his way, and for way fans have rallied to try to reverse the decision to “shake things up” by writing Carson out. From the interview:

SCB: Have you seen anything on the campaign and fan response? They’re calling your character the ‘Heart of Atlantis’; what are you feelings on this?

Paul: I’m sort of humbled by that. The ‘Heart of Atlantis’ — that’s a really nice thing for people to say. And I do think in a lot of ways the character did have that ‘everyman’ sort of feel and I think that there is a sensitive side to Carson. He wears his heart on his sleeve as a lot of the Scots do and I’m glad it translated that way onto the screen. Again, it’s very flattering and I’m sorta humbled by the whole thing. I know there’s been quite a big campaign. I certainly didn’t expect that. As an actor you’re kinda like. “Wow, I really did happen to have an effect on a lot of people”. So, it’s really flattering and I don’t know what’s going to come of it but it’s certainly nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

To read the entire interview in English, visit The Gateroom. For the German version, visit The Stargate Project.

And, to hear a special “thank you” audio message from Paul, not included in the interview, visit this article at Solutions is very proud to support the Save Carson campaign and the class act that is Mr. Paul McGillion!

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  1. Shake things up??? Were the ratings down???..Why not kill off boring Weir and replace her with Lt. Col. Carter…thats a good “Shake-up”…but then again the “Powers that Be” have the final say.

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