SG-1 Spoilers: Tapping on Filming Continuum


There have been several news releases recently concerning the unique filming location that will be featured in Stargate: Continuum, the second direct-to-DVD movie written by Brad Wright and directed by Martin Wood, as well as about Richard Dean Anderson’s reprising his role as Jack O’Neill. Amanda Tapping has posted at her official website about getting ready for her special trip to film scenes with Ben Browder and Anderson.

The following contains spoiler information on a filming location for the movie:

A Note from Amanda Tapping

From: The Official Amanda Tapping Website:

Tomorrow I leave for the Arctic! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Ben, Richard and myself will be filming up at the APLIS camp.

We fly out of Prudhoe Bay onto the ice, just south of the North Pole.

The temperature the other day was -82 with the wind chill !!!!!!!!!!! We are to be on constant alert for Polar Bears and frost bite!

I will take lots of pictures and post them for you when I get back.