SG-1 Spoilers: The Ark of Truth

Introduction: Spoilers

SG-1’s first DVD movie is Stargate: The Ark of Truth and is written and directed by Robert C. Cooper. This story is the conclusion of the Ori storyarc which was started in Season Nine of Stargate SG-1. Cooper mentioned that the story covered in the movie was originally intended for SG-1’s eleventh season, but plans changed when the SciFi Channel cancelled the show in August 2006. Season Ten of SG-1 leaves fans in a bit of a cliffhanger that the movie will resolve.

The following contains some plot details of the movie, as well as some from the last half of Season Ten.


Vala’s husband Tomin survived the events of “Line in the Sand” and surrenders to Vala for help in stopping the crusade he had once faithfully served. The team flew a cargo ship to Dakara where an Ori warship is in orbit. They eliminated the Prior, but were left with no means to pilot the warship. Tomin warned them that another warship was not far behind, so they decided to leave the warship in orbit, not wishing to kill anyone onboard.

Tomin has warned Vala that there is to be another wave of warships coming through the Supergate soon with Earth as the primary target.

Apparently, since this time, the team has searched for the Ark of Truth, but has not been successful in locating it.

The IOA sends a representative, James Merek, who is substituting for Richard Woolsey who is tied up with the Atlantis Expedition. He is there to interrogate Tomin. Immediately, he questions Mitchell’s decision to leave the Ori warship in orbit over Dakara instead of destroying it. He points out that the warship should have been eliminated, but Mitchell said there were people onboard. Mitchell stated that their hope was that they’d not have to kill any more crusaders once the Ark is uncovered, but they haven’t found it. Merek reminds Mitchell and Landry that the SGC would not exist if it weren’t for the IOA, and then goes to interrogate Tomin.

Merek interrogates Tomin in a small room as Vala, Mitchell, and Teal’c look on from behind a two-way mirror. Tomin tells him that he has already told them all that he knows, but Merek attempts to shake Tomin up with pointed questions, such as how many innocent people he has personally killed in the crusade. Tomin is struggling with the fact that he has been following false gods, and Merek attempts to make sure he is telling the truth instead of leading them on with false information. Merek wants more information about how to defend against the attack.

Vala becomes upset at Merek’s treatment of Tomin. They had treated him as a guest up to this point, but Merek is treating him like a prisoner. Tomin wants to go with Vala and her team to help them make contact with an Anti-Ori underground and locate a place called Ortus Mallum [possibly the location of the Ark, but no details are available as to the significance of this place].


Written by: Robert C. Cooper
Directed by: Robert C. Cooper
Before cameras: April 15, 2007 for about four weeks.

Guest Cast

  • Tomin (Tim Guinee)
  • James Merek of the IOA

Spoilers are subject to change as this film is in production.