SG-1 Spoilers: Wright and Anderson on Continuum


Stargate: Continuum is the second direct-to-DVD movie that will be produced over the next few months, aiming for a fall of 2007 release. Brad Wright is writing the script, Martin Wood is directing, and Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper are producing this stand-alone story. Stargate SG-1‘s Season Ten cast members are returning to continue bringing the teammembers to life once more for the show’s fans.

The following contains comments from Brad Wright and Richard Dean Anderson concerning Anderson’s reprising his role as Jack O’Neill. There is also spoiler information on a filming location for the movie:

MGM Makes Announcement

From: Richard Dean Anderson Web Site:


Former Stargate SG-1 Actor and Executive Producer Travels to North Pole Location to Reprise His Role as General Jack O’Neill

LOS ANGELES, CA. March 20, 2007 — Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM) today announced that Richard Dean Anderson will be reprising his role as General Jack O’Neill for the Studio’s upcoming Stargate: Continuum.

Anderson will join cast members Ben Browder (Stargate SG-1’s Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell) and Amanda Tapping (Lt. Col. Samantha Carter) in shooting on location in the sub-zero climate of the Arctic where the production is working in collaboration with the U.S. Navy’s Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station (APLIS) for the week of March 23 through 29.

Brad Wright

From SCI FI WIRE: Anderson Enters Stargate: Continuum:

“We’re thrilled to have Richard join us for Stargate: Continuum,” Brad Wright, co-creator of the Stargate franchise and writer/executive producer for the latest installment for the property, said in a statement. “As Gen. Jack O’Neill, Richard brings both a sense of history and familiarity to the continuing adventures of the Stargate team. And we all recognize his value as the much-loved hero among the Stargate fan base.”

Richard Dean Anderson

From Richard Dean Anderson Web Site:

“I have agreed to play with the kids in Vancouver, again, in the form of a movie which we hope will stand on its own. In other words, I’ll be doing Brad’s movie; don’t know how much or how little, but I’m in.”