SGA S4 Spoilers: Casting for "Travelers"


Season Four of Stargate Atlantis is currently being filmed. The following includes casting spoilers for the fourth episode, “Travelers”, written by Paul Mullie and directed by William Waring.


In the episode “Travelers”, Sheppard is captured by a group of people who live on a ship. At first these people went into space in order to avoid the Wraith, but after several generations, life onboard a ship defines them as a people. They scavenge the galaxy for advanced technology and have found an Ancient battleship similar to an Aurora class. Unfortunately, they don’t have a way to operate the ship because they lack the Ancient gene that Sheppard uses to interface with the technology. The Travelers had heard that there were humans operating the technology of the Ancestors and placed spy satellites near the orbiting Stargates of a few planets hoping to detect a Puddle Jumper coming through. Sheppard was piloting one when he was detected and attacked.

The leader of the Travelers is Larrin. She tells Sheppard about her people and threatens his life in order to get him to reactivate the battleship with his gene in order to perfect an interface adaptor that they are developing.

Casting for Larrin has been difficult, according to comments such as “This Larrin casting will be the death of me” made by Joseph Mallozzi in his personal blog. It is possible that Larrin and other Travelers will have recurring appearances throughout the season, since Mallozzi has hinted that the group could prove to be a technologically advanced ally of which the Atlantis Expedition is in such dire need against the Wraith and Asurans. Mallozzi and director William Waring worked with LA casting agent Paul Weber in the search for the perfect actor among “interesting potential candidates.”

Finally, Mallozzi announced, “The lovely and talented Jill Wagner, formerly of Blade,” has been cast as Larrin (in his March 27 entry).

Jill Wagner played Krista Starr in Blade: The Series, another television series filmed in Vancouver. After graduating from North Carolina State University in 2001, Wagner moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. According to her IMDb profile, Wagner is known as the “Mercury Chick” because of her series of commercials for Lincoln-Mercury automobiles.

Season Four of Stargate Atlantis will be premiering in the fall of 2007. The final ten episodes of Season Three will begin with “The Return Part 2” on Friday, April 13, at 9pm Eastern, on the Sci Fi Channel.