SGA S4 Spoilers: Travelers

Introduction: Spoilers

The following article contains spoilers for the Season Four episode “Travelers”, currently scheduled to air as the fourth episode.


Sheppard is taken prisoner of a group of ship-faring people known as the Travelers who wish to use his Ancient gene to reactivate long-dormant Ancient technology — specifically, an Ancient battle ship, similar to an Aurora class.


The Travelers might have started out evading the Wraith, but now, they live on a ship with hyperspace capability and land on planets when they need supplies or when they conduct trade. After having traveled in this way for so long, the lifestyle has become their identity.

Sheppard has been captured, beaten, and bound by the Travelers Silas, Nevik, and Larrin. Of the three, Larrin, a female leader with the title of “Commander”, continues interacting with Sheppard on an individual basis. She explains who they are and how they live. Larrin knows that Sheppard has the ATA gene and she knows of the Lantian technology. She calls the Ancients the Ancestors and tells Sheppard that they had heard rumors about a group of humans in the galaxy who were using the technology against the Wraith. The Travelers were curious, so they set up spy satellites near the gates in orbit (Space Gates) in order to encounter them. In Larrin’s words, “We got lucky.”

The satellite picked up Sheppard’s presence in his ship and attacked him because he was flying the puddle jumper, Lantian technology that requires the gene to operate. They took samples of his blood in order to configure a control interface adaptor. The device is not yet perfected, but the Travelers are hopeful it will eventually work. Until then, they’ve decided to use Sheppard as their interface to initialize a dormant Lantian battle ship similar to an Aurora class and make it operational once more.

Guest Characters

  • Larrin (Commander)
  • Silas (Bridge Crew/Navigator)
  • Nevik (Chief Science Officer)


  • Written by: Paul Mullie

Episode spoilers are subject to change as the season is in production.