Navy Lab Chronicles Stargate Filming

Personnel from the Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station (APLIS), near the North Pole publish web “post cards,” blog-like descriptions of their fascinating activities. When about 18 Stargate cast and crew arrived to film scenes for the upcoming SG-1 TV Movie Continuum, the bloggers chronicled bits of the visit, including photos. You may read the entries below:


5 thoughts on “Navy Lab Chronicles Stargate Filming”

  1. I may be allowed to read… theoretically… but somehow the links won’t upload… any ideas how to get there?

  2. The first link had an error, which I’ve just fixed, but the rest appear to be fine. What problem are you seeing?

  3. well.. it keeps telling me that it can’t make a connection to the server (sorry about my english)… I used “iexplorer” and now “opera”… both tell me the same
    I have no proxyserver activated….should I use another browser?
    I tried all of the card links…
    well… it isn’t that important.. it just would’ve been nice *g*…. and…since I’m nosy… I’d love to know this doesn’t work…but…that’s just me…
    Thanks for answering so fast!
    *hugs* 😉

  4. Okay, maybe you just can’t get to .mil domains where you are. I have archived copies of each page to our site — click on the “local copy” links to see them. I hope it works this time!

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