SG-1 Spoilers: The Ark of Truth Casting


Stargate: The Ark of Truth is the the first of two direct-to-DVD movies that will be produced this year following the cancellation of Stargate SG-1. The movie is being written and directed by Robert C. Cooper and produced by Cooper and Brad Wright, and is meant to close the Ori story arc that was started in Season Nine. Filming is set to start around April 15 in Vancouver.

The following includes spoilers for the movie and for the last half of Season Ten.


Greg Anderson, the Administrator-turned-Prior from Ver Ager (“Avalon” and “Origin”), will be reprising his role according to Anderson himself in his “Ask Greg Anderson” thread on The Scifi World’s forum. Anderson stated, “Well I guess it is official. I found out yesterday that I am booked for the Stargate movie! So you guys are the first to know.” Anderson added, “I can’t wait to read the script!”

Anderson’s Prior has a lot of history with the members of SG-1. Before he was converted into a Prior, he was the Administrator of Ver Ager and placed Vala/Sallis in the Ara to be burned to death. His transformation into a Prior by the Ori themselves was the first time viewers were witness to how a man is advanced in his evolution to possess great mental powers as a Prior of the Ori. This Prior is also the one who rubbed his conversion of P8X-412 in Daniel’s face after they held a public debate about false gods and free will. He was instrumental in the conversion of the Jaffa leader Gerak into a Prior, and he has been seen in Season Ten’s second half as well, when he was challenged by Vala’s husband Tomin concerning his twisted interpretation of the scriptures of The Book of Origin.

In Stargate: The Ark of Truth, the team travels to the Ori home galaxy in search of an artifact that could make the difference in the fight against the Ori’s army in the Milky Way. Their search for the Ark of Truth is complicated when the IOA gets involved.

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