SG-1 Spoilers: "Continuum" Set Photos

Executive Producer Joseph Mallozzi visited the sets for Stargate: Continuum, the second direct-to-DVD movie scheduled to be released this fall, and published some pictures of the tour he took with Atlantis producer and writer Martin Gero.

Stargate: Continuum, written by Brad Wright and directed by Martin Wood, is meant to be a stand-alone story that continues the journey of the members of SG-1. The story involves Ba’al, time travel, the Arctic, a nuclear submarine, and Goa’uld motherships attacking Earth. Included in Mallozzi’s photos is a set that appears to be a very worn yacht. Mallozzi writes:

Marty G. and I toured the up-and-coming sets of the second SG-1 movie: Continuum. Check out what’s in the works (including Martin’s post-Stargate luxury yacht).

In addition to the “boat” pictures is the set piece similar to the Stargate’s storage crate from the Washington, D.C., warehouse where it was stored in the episode “1969”. It wasn’t long after the events of August 1969 that Catherine Langford resumed her studies of the Stargate that led to the eventual formation of Stargate Command. The crate in the image appears to have been damaged by the unstable vortex of the wormhole (the “kawhoosh”).

In the movie, Ba’al is supposed to have stolen the Stargate sometime in Earth’s past to prevent the Stargate Program from ever forming. The Stargate went into storage in Washington, D.C., sometime after Ernest Littlefield’s “accident” in 1945 (when they activated the Stargate and he stepped through — unable to return home until 50 years later when SG-1 retrieved him in “The Torment of Tantalus”). Is it possible that Ba’al stole the Stargate sometime between 1945 and 1969, or is this crate located somewhere else after the Stargate was unburied in Giza in 1928?

Visit Joseph Mallozzi’s May 21 blog to see the images there and share your speculation of what they mean for the story in our on-site forum Stargate: Continuum discussion thread.