A "Universe" with Familiar Faces?

In one of the numerous articles being written about the end of Stargate SG-1, there is a little hint that maybe a familiar face from SG-1 will be seen in the third series, tentatively titled Stargate Universe and being developed by Atlantis co-creators Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright.

In the Post-Gazette.com article “‘Stargate: SG-1’ signs off, but we haven’t seen the last of it”, Brad Wright offered this about there still being a possibility of seeing a familiar face in Universe:

Wright and Cooper are at work on another spinoff, with the working title “Stargate: Universe.” It concerns the ninth “chevron” — the symbols on the Stargate used to dial an address to another world.

In the new show, now in preliminary stages, “we figure out what the ninth chevron is for, and it sends us somewhere very interesting,” Wright says.

Will it send us there with anyone we’ve seen before?

“It’ll be by and large a new cast, but whether or not a familiar face is in there is to be decided.”

It’s “Stargate,” so never say never.

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