Flanigan on Season Four Friction

Joe Flanigan (Lt. Col. John Sheppard) talked with SCI FI WIRE about the changes in the cast for Stargate Atlantis‘s Season Four, currently filming in Vancouver.

He mourns the loss of Paul McGillion’s Carson Beckett and Torri Higginson’s Elizabeth Weir, declaring, “My God, this sounds like a funeral.” But, at the same time, he is celebrating the introduction of Amanda Tapping’s Samantha Carter who will be Sheppard’s commander and superior officer as a full-bird Colonel.

Sheppard’s history of conflict with the military’s chain of command apparently gets further explored as Flanigan revealed, “I’m trying to find an area of weakness that we can all exploit with each [other] to create a storyline. And it’s been a little challenging.” He adds, “Drama isn’t interesting when people get along. It’s interesting when they butt heads. [..] When everybody just gets along, it could be a little dull. So we were trying to create some areas where we would have a little friction.”

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