Comic Con: DVD Movie Release Dates

At today’s Stargate SG-1 Comic Con panel, actor Gary Jones finished out the panel by answering this reporter’s shouted question about when the DVD releases will be out. His answer: The Ark of Truth will be out in the Spring of 2008. Continuum will follow in the Fall of 2008. Why so long a wait, you may ask? A representative from Fox Home Entertainment (which will do the distribution) said later the delay was to allow for exceptional computer graphics for the visual effects and an extensive marketing campaign.

The marketing has already started, as three of the large buses shuttling people between the various hotels and the Convention Center were covered in Stargate wraps — one for each of the DVD movies, and one for Atlantis.

Comic Con bus

The SG-1 panel included a video tribute to 10 years of SG-1 followed by a very exciting trailer for The Ark of Truth. Spoilers for that (based on memory only) will be added to the movie page in the wiki very soon!

More Comic Con reporting to come…