SG-1 Spoilers: Casting for "The Ark of Truth"

Even though filming has ended for Robert C. Cooper’s direct-to-DVD movie Stargate: The Ark of Truth, we’re still getting a few spoilers here and there about the film. Atlantis executive producer Joseph Mallozzi recently saw the director’s cut of the movie, and stated that it “does a terrific job of wrapping up the many arcs we’ve developed over the course of the show’s last two seasons: Ancients, Ori, Doci, Priors, Tomin, ship battles – and a couple of villainous surprises.”

Julian Sands as the Doci

We’ve already gotten confirmation that Morena Baccarin will return as Adria; Tim Guinee, as Tomin; Sarah Strange, as Morgan Le Fay; and Greg Anderson, as the Prior of the Ori (Administrator-turned-Prior from Ver Ager), but not about Julian Sands as the Doci. Additional doubt as to Sands’s return was cast when Gateworld recently published an interview with writer/director/producer Robert C. Cooper that was conducted before filming started.

In the interview (Part 1 of New Directions), Cooper talked about the difficulties they were experiencing in casting returning characters for the movie, especially in the obtaining of Julian Sands as the Doci: “Well, that is not a confirmation yet. We are juggling a lot of balls in the air right now, schedule-wise. Just in terms of bringing in so many actors. One of the problems with setting up all these regular — not just the regular stars of the show, but regular characters who come back into it, like Adria — that’s tough to coordinate and schedule and make sure that we’re going to get going. Hopefully — we are proceeding as though we would like to bring Julian Sands back as the Doci. But I don’t know for sure yet.”

Cooper added, “And, if not — if that doesn’t work out for whatever reason, we are still going to be back in Celestis. And who’s to say that there isn’t a different Doci in charge by now.”

Curious fans wanted to know if Cooper was successful in getting Sands to return after reading the interview, so they asked Mallozzi in his personal blog. Mallozzi confirmed in his July 2 blog entry that Sands will indeed be in the movie.

Look for a movie trailer on Season Ten’s DVD Boxed Set (North America), scheduled to be released July 24. Stargate: The Ark of Truth will be on sale sometime in the first half of 2008.