SGA Casting Spoilers for "Harmony"

Jodelle Ferland and David Hewlett filming Harmony, by Joe Mallozzi

Joe Mallozzi revealed in his blog entry for today that Jodelle Ferland, who played 7-year old Adria in the SG-1 Season 10 episode Flesh and Blood, will play the young princess Harmony in the 4th season Atlantis episode also called Harmony. Joe was on location during filming and had this to say about Jodelle:

What can I say? She’s an incredibly talented young lady eho is doing a fantastic job as little Harmony. Her character, McKay, and Sheppard play wonderfully off one another, and the fun between these three continues long after the scene has been shot.

Joe also revealed hints about what Sheppard, McKay, and Harmony face as they fight Genii while trying to fulfill Harmony’s mission at a sacred temple. The adventure includes: a walk and talk at sunrise, a bridge scene, a power bar scene, a search scene, and a visual effects (green screen) scene. He also said there will be true night shooting on the forest location.

Thanks to Joe for providing this daily grist for the fandom mill. 🙂