Wood: "It's the best thing we've ever done"

Tony Tellado of Sci Fi Talk recently spoke with Stargate director Martin Wood about his work on the web-based serial Sanctuary. In the course of the discussion, Wood also mentioned the Stargate SG-1 movies and told Tellado that Stargate: Continuum was “the best thing we’ve ever done.”

Wood also stated, “I sat down with the script Brad [Wright] gave and went in and gave him a huge hug afterwards.” In the interview, which followed Wood’s appearance at the San Diego Comic Con (July 26-29), Wood calls Charlie Cohen of MGM “another genius” who “does not want this franchise to go away.” Wood also reinforces the talk that there will be more Stargate SG-1 movies to come by stating, “We’re already talking” (see Solutions Blog: More Movies to Be Announced? and More Stargate News from Comic Con for statements from Charlie Cohen, Robert C. Cooper, Brad Wright, Michael Shanks, and Amanda Tapping about more movies).

The interview mostly covers Wood’s producer/writer/director status with the web-based serial Sanctuary. There are several Stargate veterans both in front of and behind the cameras, including Wood’s camera crews and former Stargate producer and writer Damian Kindler. Right now, the production team is busy outlining the next 40 webisodes, approximately ten hours of entertainment that will begin filming in October after Amanda Tapping, who stars as Helen Magnus, has completed her work on Season Four of Atlantis. Other Stargate actors who were mentioned in Wood’s interview included Christopher Heyerdahl, David Hewlett, Peter DeLuise, Paul McGillion, and Kavan Smith. Christopher Judge has expressed interest in appearing in the show, so the team is considering a new part just for him. Other Stargate and Star Trek veterans have also expressed interest, including John de Lancie, Lavar Burton, and Marina Sirtis.

To hear more about Sanctuary, download the 36-minute 32.9MB .mp3 file available at Radio Nostalgia Network.

Stargate: Continuum is due for release on DVD world-wide in the Fall of 2008.


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