"A Dog's Breakfast" on DVD Today

A Dog's Breakfast DVD Menu

David Hewlett’s long-anticipated independent movie, A Dog’s Breakfast was released on DVD for Region 1 (North America) today. It’s available at Amazon.com as well as Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, and other major retailers, for about $17 US. It’s also available for rent at Netflix. The film features David of course, Kate Hewlett, Paul McGillion, Rachel Luttrell, and Chris Judge, all of Stargate fame.

In addition to the very enjoyable film, a rather dark comedy that the whole family can watch, there are lots of extras on the DVD, which has great packaging and fun menus. The extras include:

  • Audio Commentary by David Hewlett, Jane Loughman, John Lenic, Mars, and David’s Mother
  • Cooking up “A Dog’s Breakfast” (how it came to be)
  • The Cast
  • The Shoot
  • The Film and the Fans (a tribute to the fans who helped market the film)
  • Deleted Scenes

Go buy the DVD, give it 5 stars at Netflix, etc! The actors who will get paid from the profits will thank you. 🙂

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  1. We LOVE this movie; my husband and I got it on Amazon Unbox AND bought the DVD after we’d seen it because we liked it so much!

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