SGA S4 Spoilers: "Outcast"


“Outcast” is currently scheduled to be the fourteenth episode to air in Season Four of Stargate Atlantis. The episode’s story is from a pitch made by Joe Flanigan and its screenplay is written by Alan McCullough.


Summary: Sheppard returns to Earth for his father’s funeral and is enlisted by Ava Granger to track down a human form Replicator created in an Earth lab.

There was some strain between John Sheppard and his father, but during his father’s wake, John’s brother Graham tries to convince him that their father regretted what happened between the two of them all the way up to the end of his life.

Sheppard also meets up with Nancy, his ex-wife, who was admired by Sheppard’s father.

While Sheppard and Ronon wait for service at the open bar, Ava Granger approaches them about a secret project involving alien nanotechnology. Granger has worked for the past five years in a company called Stanton Research, a division of Devlin Medical Technologies. It was Devlin Medical Technologies’ Henry Wallace who kidnapped Rodney McKay and McKay’s sister Jeanie Miller to obtain their assistance in programming alien nanotechnology to cure his daughter of a fatal disease (“Miller’s Crossing”). Dr. Richard Poole recruited Granger for the project “Archetype” and after receiving a key piece of programming, they created a human form Replicator in their lab (theoretically, replication is not Archetype’s primary directive). After Wallace kidnapped the McKays, the IOA launched an investigation. Dr. Poole tried to destroy all of the evidence leading to Archetype’s creation, including Archetype himself, and in self-defense, Archetype threw Poole across the room. In his escape, he killed two security guards. This escape happened three weeks ago, and Granger has had no luck in tracking Archetype down.

Granger leads Sheppard, Ronon, and a security detail to Poole’s lab, where Poole is still working to find a way to track and recover Archetype. He expresses his dismay at Granger’s betrayal, but Sheppard insists that Archetype is dangerous and must be stopped. Poole protects Archetype’s actions, claiming that he only killed in self defense and would only do that again if threatened.

Sheppard, Ronon, Granger, and Poole are beamed to the Apollo from where Sheppard intends to track down Archetype, but Poole refuses to give the access code to the data files they recovered from his lab. Onboard the Apollo, Sheppard is reunited with Sgt. Bates, now honorably discharged from the Air Force after he was injured by a Wraith (“The Siege Part 1”). He is now working for the IOA in a new field division designed to deal specifically with operational threats to Earth. Together, they must find Archetype, a valuable and incredibly advanced piece of technology, before he harms others again.

Guest Characters

  • Nancy (Sheppard’s ex-wife)
  • Ava Granger
  • Graham (John’s brother)
  • Dr. Richard Poole
  • Archetype (human form Replicator)
  • Tactical Sergeant
  • Bates [Dean Marshall]


  • Story by: Joe Flanigan
  • Screenplay by: Alan McCullough

Spoilers are subject to change as this episode is in production.


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  1. Wow, thanks again for the eagle eye finding this Debi, and it sounds pretty interesting. Looking forward to seeing John’s reactions and meeting his family. Wonder what they will make of Ronon!

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