Cool Photo Gallery from "Continuum" Location Shoot

The Richard Dean Anderson Web Site has posted a photo gallery of the cast and crew as they filmed on location in the Arctic for Brad Wright’s Stargate: Continuum. Photos not only include actors Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, and Ben Browder, but also crew members such as Martin Wood (director), N. John Smith (Producer), Peter Woeste (director of photography), and Ivon Bartok (special features), among others.

Visit the Continuum in the Arctic, March 23-29, 2007 gallery at the site to view the images.

Stargate: Continuum is the first of the stand-alone Stargate SG-1 movies and has been called “classic Stargate” by its writer, Brad Wright. It includes the return of Ba’al and of the Stargate as a key player in the plot. When Ba’al manages to change the timeline so that the Stargate Program doesn’t exist, it’s up to Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter, and Cameron Mitchell to protect Earth as Ba’al launches an attack, with Qetesh (Vala) and Teal’c at his side in this new version of reality.

The movie is due to be released on DVD in July of 2008.