Check Out Some Recent Cast Interviews

Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Claudia Black, and Joe Flanigan have given some interviews lately that you might be interested in reading (click on the links to get to the full interviews):

Ben Browder

Ben Browder (spring/summer of 2007)Dreamwatch’s Ben Browder: The ice storm takes a look at the actor’s time in the Arctic while filming for Brad Wright’s Stargate: Continuum, the second direct-to-DVD movie that is slated for release in July this year.

Concerning Cameron Mitchell’s progression, Browder said, “I liked that Mitchell is far more subtle in Season 10 within the context of the team and what he does. We found a good place for him to be…We finally figured out Mitchell’s only superpower is getting beat up and bleeding, which works perfectly for me. I am very happy with the way my superpower developed, which was basically a kind of muddy stigmata. I was pleased with all that. And as it progressed, the writers realised that was something that would add to the show and I was lucky to be the guy to do it.”

Browder also addressed the progress of a new project, which might be his Going Homer mini-series for the SciFi Channel, or something totally different. “I have a project I am writing. I am not sure if I can say anything about it or not. I probably shouldn’t until the negotiations for the project are done. It is a step deal. It is not for Stargate, but completely separate. But it is going to be for TV. I wrote two Farscapes and a script I sold last year. I am very excited about it.”

Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping (spring/summer of 2007)Gateworld’s Journey of a Lifetime interview with Amanda Tapping covers her exit from Stargate Atlantis to work full-time as the executive producer and lead actor in SciFi Channel’s new show, Sanctuary. Tapping talked about having longer hair for Col. Samantha Carter and how she’ll be modifying her look (dying her hair dark) for her part as Dr. Helen Magnus.

Carter will be replaced by IOA representative Richard Woolsey, played by Robert Picardo, at the beginning of Season Five. Concerning this change in leadership, Tapping offered, “Carter’s advice to Woolsey would be to get the stick out of his ass. Amanda’s advice to Bob is to have a good time. He will. He will. He’s the type of person that will. I have no doubt, he just makes fun wherever he goes. He’s this really, really easy-going guy.”

Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge (spring/summer 2007)SG-1 fans of Teal’c were/are in for a treat as Christopher Judge made a guest starring appearance in “Midway”, the recent episode of Stargate Atlantis. In honor of his reprisal of the role, TV Guide Online’s Christopher Judge Previews His Return to Stargate! visited with Judge, and the actor shared the joy of his return to the Stargate sets, “You know, anytime they ask me to go there and play, I certainly would. I just had a really great time over there.”

Judge also spoke of the progress he’s making with his new pilot/movie Rage of Angels (co-starring Michael Shanks and co-produced and directed by Brad Turner) and with a new $20 million mini-series for AMC that’s “based on an all-black regiment in World War I, made up of jazz musicians. They were sent to Europe to entertain the troops but were put on the front lines. They were celebrated throughout Europe and ignored when they came home.”

Claudia Black

Claudia Black as Vala (SciFi 3)The SciFi World’s Claudia Black Interview touches mostly on Black’s time with Farscape, on reading for a “talking book” collection of George R.R. Martin’s short stories, and on being a mother (this interview was conducted before Black gave birth to her second son in November 2007).

Concerning her time as Vala Mal Doran for the two SG-1 direct-to-DVD movies and making future appearances, Black said, “I don’t know if I would ever be asked back, who knows, but I think Vala is definitely a character that’s worth pursuing in the future.”

As far as reconnecting with the cast and crew and making convention appearances, Black offered, “But both on camera and off camera there are some certain members of the crew I’ve made some, just delicious friendships with people and just, it’s so good for the soul to connect with those people in person again, so… Yeah, I miss not having that atmosphere with those people everyday but I think there is a particular spirit, there’s a kinship in this business and you find that type of a person whenever you go on to a new job and it always feels like home, so… that you know just this weekend I’ve been able to catch up with Lexa and Michael and Chris and everyone. It’s a real blessing to see them again.”

Joe Flanigan

Joe Flanigan as SheppardJoe Flanigan appeared at the VES Awards presentation on February 10, and caught up with him for a little while to talk to him about his brief time on Women’s Murder Club, which was shut down due to the WGA strike, and about his getting ready to begin filming Season Five of Stargate Atlantis (that’s this week!). He talked about the impact the strike had on both shows and about fan interaction while his wife Katherine stood nearby. Just so you know, Joseph Mallozzi has assured fans in his personal blog that Flanigan will be “beardless” as Lt. Col. John Sheppard upon his return for Season Five.

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