MGM: "The Ark of Truth: Movie v. TV Show"

Cover art for "Stargate: The Ark of Truth" DVD

MGM’s official Stargate website has added another video clip to their Video Gallery to build up to the release of Robert C. Cooper’s Stargate: The Ark of Truth on DVD on March 11 (North American premiere). This time, the producers Cooper and Brad Wright and the cast talk about how making an SG-1 movie was different from making the TV show. The consensus seems to be that the movie is just “bigger!”

The video clip also has some scenes from the movie, so beware of a few spoilers.

Currently, the DVD is scheduled to be released March 11 in North America, April 9 in Australia, April 14 in the UK, and April 23 in France. There is a “late April” release scheduled for New Zealand, according to New Zealand’s Gameplanet Store.

Cooper had stated in an interview in the Official Stargate Magazine that even though the movie was written differently from the TV show in the number of acts and breaks, it could still be shown on international television before the DVD is released. In addition to the screenings being held in Australia before the DVD’s release in that country, the movie will be televised by Sky One in the UK on March 26 at 8pm, several days before the DVD’s release on April 14.

[Thanks to littleheaven70 and Naonak for their tips.]