SGA "Outcast": Rejection Has Its Consequences

John Sheppard at his father

In tonight’s episode of Stargate Atlantis, “Outcast”, Sheppard returns to Earth to attend his father’s funeral. Up until this point, those who have worked with Sheppard in Atlantis hardly know anything of his history, and it appeared that Sheppard was fine with leaving his past—and family—behind. Accompanied by Ronon, Sheppard returns to a life now almost as alien to him as it is to Ronon. What made Sheppard decide that living in Antarctica was better than living on the sprawling family estate—to basically become a self-made outcast?

While at Sheppard’s father’s wake, Ronon and Sheppard are asked to help track down a human form Replicator created in an Earth lab. Following the groundbreaking work done by the late Henry Wallace (“Miller’s Crossing”), the Replicator was created under the project name “Archetype”, and when the investigation into Wallace’s use of alien nanotechnology threatened to uncover the unsanctioned development of a new form of Replicator, the man responsible for creating “him” in the lab attempted to dispose of him, but he escaped.

Archetype’s programming is still in its prototype stages, making him unpredictable and dangerous when threatened. His will to survive puts people in jeopardy, especially now that Archetype feels that he must do anything to protect himself when his own creator turned on him. Archetype has himself become an outcast simply for what he is. And now, Sheppard and Archetype are destined to meet in a most tragic way.

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