SGA S5: What Defines Ronon Dex?

If one were tasked to define Ronon Dex, eventually one might start talking about his physical features, including his hair. And a question might pop up: Does his hair significantly define him? Even within the stories of Stargate Atlantis, Ronon’s hair has become a character almost completely to itself as it flies in all directions when he’s in action, or is fashionably tied back during his more sedate times, or acts as a little storehouse for his knives. Little did the audience know that the dreads worn by Ronon weighed six pounds and were causing neck problems for his actor Jason Momoa.

Jason Momoa as Ronon Dex

Regular visitors of executive producer and co-showrunner Joseph Mallozzi’s personal blog have read how the production of Season Five has a major question to answer: Do Ronon’s dreadlocks define the character significantly enough that they require Jason to keep them, even if they are causing him physical pain?

After filming was completed for Season Four last fall, Momoa came to the producers to ask if he could cut his hair. “Paul [Mullie] and I wanted to accommodate him but were a little concerned given that the first episode of season 5 will pretty much pick up events as we leave them in the final episode of season 4, and we figured the fans might notice the not-so-subtle change in hairstyle,” explained Mallozzi in his personal blog. “Well, after getting on the phone with Jason’s hair expert (no kidding), we arrived at a solution. Jason could lose the dreads provided he held on to them.”

Jason Momoa

Momoa recently came by the studio for a costume fitting sporting his new haircut (Mallozzi published a few pictures in his blog). Mallozzi explained the compromise they reached, “According to Jason, without the six pounds of hair that had been weighing him down (6lbs!), he felt strangely unbalanced at first. Nevertheless, he readjusted and has been enjoying the freedom and feel of his new look. However, very soon, he’ll be undergoing the two day/16 hour process that will re-attach the dreads for our season premiere. For continuity’s sake, his character has to have them in for our first episode,” and then adds, “but I have given him the option of losing them completely later in the season.”

Mallozzi, who has stated that he prefers that Momoa keep his hair short, has even written a scene to explain a change in hairstyle in the third episode, “Broken Ties”, if Momoa decides to get rid of the dreads. “Although many, especially Jason, feel that the dreads are a unique part of the Ronon character, the ultimate decision as to whether he keeps them or not will rest with him. It’s his neck after all.”

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