SGA "The Kindred Part 1": They Are Shrouded in Darkness

“The last few episodes of season four should come with a 3-hanky alert,” stated Stargate Atlantis executive producer and co-showrunner Joseph Mallozzi in his personal blog. Kicking off a succession of intense arc-driven episodes is tonight’s “The Kindred Part 1”, written by Mallozzi and directed by Peter Woeste.

“All I can say without giving too much away is that we’re planting some interesting seeds that will emerge, and it gives this season’s plots a twist in a very clever way,” Joe Flanigan told Starburst while they visited him during the filming of “The Seer” in which Davos delivers some difficult news to Teyla who is searching for her people, the Athosians, who vanished without a trace in “Missing”: “I can tell you only this: they are still alive, but they are shrouded in darkness. I know you will continue to search for them no matter what I say, but I must warn you — you may not like what you find.”


As Teyla gets closer to her son’s delivery, she has a vision of her lover Kanaan who communicates that he’s still alive. Encouraged by this mysterious message, she persuades Sheppard to take her on the mission to find and rescue her people. How accurate will Davos’s warnings turn out to be?

“The Kindred” also presents another mystery to be solved by the team: a new sickness is spreading across the galaxy and thousands of lives are threatened by it. Concurrent to this sickness is the apparent poisoning of Wraith. Could the two incidents be related? Sheppard’s former ally Wraith “Todd” may hold the answers as he once again reaches out to Sheppard for help.

Dr. Carson Beckett in SGA 4.18 "The Kindred Part 1″

And finally, the return of one of the Expedition’s own is an unexpected find as Sheppard’s team seeks the truth behind the disappearance of the Athosians and the deaths of many, but certainly, this can’t possibly be their very own Dr. Carson Beckett alive and apparently in the hands of the enemy for a very long time, can it?!

Just as some mysteries are solved, more are defined. Could all of them have something in common? Tune in tonight at 10pm Eastern to lift the darkness and after viewing, please visit our on-site forum to rate and discuss the episode.

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