Browder on Continuum, Farscape, and Other Projects

Coming out of a lengthy interview with Ben Browder concerning the release of the first of two direct-to-DVD movies, Stargate: The Ark of Truth, Mike Szymanski of SCI FI WIRE has posted several small articles concerning the many other projects in which Browder has some involvement.

Stargate: Continuum

Continuum Title Screen from Ark DVD

Brad Wright’s Stargate Continuum was one project under conversation. This is the second direct-to-DVD movie filmed last year that will be released in July this year. According to Browder, “I think Ark of Truth is more tied to the last couple years of the series. Continuum is more stand-alone. That’s probably the most concise way of saying it.”

Continuum involves Ba’al, time travel, and a trek in the Arctic, which Browder has spoken about on numerous occasions. Richard Dean Anderson will be reprising his role as Jack O’Neill, and because it is a time-travel story, many other familiar faces from the past will be seen. Both Cooper and Wright have described it as an “old school” or an “old-fashioned” Stargate SG-1 story.

Browder believes that people can jump almost anywhere into the Stargate saga without having watched all ten seasons and still understand the concepts behind the series and movies. “Look, you can drop into the third season of something without knowing all the backstory and go, ‘Wow, this is really interesting. I like this.’ And, yeah, look, Ark is riddled with Stargate mythology, and there’s no question about that. I would imagine a reasonably intelligent, discerning audience member would be able to follow the story, though.”

To read the complete interview, visit Continuum More Casual.

Farscape Web Series

Farscape, A Web Series

Browder was made a familiar face in the sci-fi world as astronaut John Crichton in Sci Fi Channel’s Farscape. The show gained a large fanbase, who were instrumental in getting a wrap-up to the storyline that was abruptly cut off when the TV show was cancelled. The mini-series Peacekeeper Wars was completed back when Stargate SG-1 was in their eighth season. Now, executive producer Brian Henson and creator Rockne O’Bannon are talking about how to revive Farscape on the Internet with a series of 10 webisodes.

Browder, who had considerable input into the stories told during the TV series, and who penned a few episodes himself, told Szymanski that he talked with Henson about the new web series at last year’s Comic Con held in San Diego. “They haven’t come to me with any specifics yet, and I don’t read anything into that. But at Comic-Con, Brian discussed it and said, ‘Yeah, we’re still figuring it out.’ The writers’ strike happened immediately after that, … and a lot of things went on hold, and it will take a little while before a number of things get going again.”

According to Szymanski, Browder is looking forward to reprising his role in the web series, but no other actors from the TV show were mentioned in the article, which you can read at Browder Eager For Web Farscape.

Other Projects

Ben Browder (spring/summer of 2007)

In addition to co-writing the Sci Fi Channel mini-series Going Homer, Browder and writing partner Andrew Prowse have sold a script to MGM for a horror movie entitled Black Mountain.

The movie is centered in a small town that is plagued by gruesome murders. The investigator assigned to the cases discovers that “it’s a critter in the woods” that is actually doing the killings. “It was one of those fun projects that you look at and you go, ‘Yeah, let’s have a stab at that. Let’s just see how badly wrong we can go with this [horror/sci-fi] genre,’ But, so you know, there is a monster in it, and the monster will really show the character for what he is.”

Browder told Szymanski, “That’s a script that MGM owns. They will do what they will do with it.” He added that he doesn’t write stories as starring vehicles. “In my own head I might imagine there’s a place for me, but, again, it’s a sole property, not something that I’m in the active process of trying to raise the money to produce at the moment. You know, it wasn’t written with that in mind anyway.”

To read the full interview, visit Browder Scales Black Mountain.


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