MGM: Cooper Gives the Truth . . . Directly

Image of Robert C. Cooper from his Ark Q&A

MGM’s Official Stargate website has posted the first two of four videos in which writer, director, and producer Robert C. Cooper answers fans’ questions about his movie Stargate: The Ark of Truth. These questions were submitted directly by the fans from all over the world at the website, and Cooper answered ten of them as he sat in front of the Stargate.

One of the most surprising reveals of the interview includes a deleted scene in which the team breaks into Area 51 to destroy the Ark. Cooper deleted the scene because he felt that there were “too many endings” and that the conversation between Daniel and Landry about the dangers of the Ark sufficiently addressed the Ark issue. Other scenes were trimmed, including about half of the scene in which IOA representative James Marrick was introduced.

Cooper’s favorite scene from the movie is when the Odyssey goes through the Supergate, and he especially enjoyed the music and epic feel of Teal’c’s trek across the mountain. The two toughest scenes to write for Cooper were the one in which Tomin, Daniel, and Vala set the course of the movie in their conversation in the holding room and the scene that introduced James Marrick. Cooper said that he relies very heavily on the other writers (Brad Wright and the group working on Stargate Atlantis).

He also covers the invention of the Stargate, confirming that the Alteran who invented the Ark is indeed the one who invented the Stargate. The Ori, after they ascended later on down the timeline, gained the knowledge of how to build the Supergate.

Having a larger budget (but not as much more than one would think) allowed Cooper to spend more time (but not by much) and to have more impressive visual effects. He wanted to give the audience something that they wouldn’t have had with the TV show. Cooper had wanted to spread this story out into Season Eleven, breaking it up across seasons with the Odyssey‘s going through the Supergate to the Ori galaxy ending Season Ten. The story would have been spread across Season Eleven, but Cooper says, “Now you get to, you know, have the whole story told in one movie, in Ark of Truth.”

To watch the two videos, visit Part 1 (Questions #1 – #3) and Part 2 (Questions #4 – #6). Cooper comments on a pivotal scene in Wright’s Continuum in Part 1, so beware of that little spoiler. Parts 3 and 4 will be coming soon.


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