Only a Week Left on "The Ark of Truth" Countdown

Cover art for "Stargate: The Ark of Truth" DVD

With the March 11 release date just a week away, MGM and Fox Entertainment have picked up the pace on their celebration of the first direct-to-DVD movie in the Stargate franchise, Robert C. Cooper’s Stargate: The Ark of Truth. With such enthusiasm, the fans have been gifted with teasers, widgets, wallpapers, stills, videos, rewards, and an open forum for asking Cooper questions about his movie.

MGM: Official Stargate Website

MGM’s Official Stargate website features several short videos on the making of the movie in their Video Gallery, as well as images in their Stills Gallery. They’ve published a three-part interview with Robert C. Cooper about the writing and directing of the movie. They are also offering a forum for fans to ask Cooper questions about the movie, and the answers to ten of these questions will be published on March 11 to coincide with the DVD’s North American release.

Fox Entertainment: Stargate Hub

At this website, fans are given wallpapers and images from the movie in various sizes to download. There is also a page featuring the movie that contains a synopsis and character biographies. Future updates to the site will include screensavers and a reward system for members who have the highest points (given when the registered member downloads from the site).

Fox is also responsible for the widget that has a countdown to the March 11 release, as well as video clips (there are now five) and several images (Some of these are never-seen-before images of the team in both uniform and casual attire. See if you can find Ben Browder — or is it Cameron Mitchell — sticking out his tongue at you!). Solutions has the widget available from the main page’s features section so that you can check on the countdown and new features often.

Sci Fi Channel: “Sneak Peek”

Although the Sci Fi Channel has nothing to do with the production of the movie, they have been broadcasting promotions for its DVD release. Just recently, during a commercial break aired during Atlantis episode “The Kindred Part 2” last week, the DVD’s release was announced. Fans can look forward to an exclusive one-minute “sneak peek” this coming Friday, March 7, during the airing of the Season Four finale “The Last Man”, at 10pm (according to

International DVD Release Dates

Solutions is gathering the international release dates for the DVD. Here’s the list of what we have thus far, thanks to help from our readers:

  • March 11, 2008: North America
  • April 8, 2008: New Zealand
  • April 9, 2008: Australia
  • April 23, 2008: France
  • April 23, 2008: The Netherlands
  • April 28, 2008: UK (Note: moved from April 14)
  • April 29, 2008: Italy
  • May 2, 2008: Germany
  • June 25, 2008: Spain

If you have other release dates to share, please use our comment section below. Thanks.


In addition to our Stargate Wiki movie guide (spoilers), Solutions has several features about the movie both in our main site’s news blog and in our LJ companion site. Also, fans have been discussing various spoilers and putting forth their theories and speculation concerning the events of the movie in our on-site forum (a new discussion thread will be opened March 11 for discussing what actually happens in the movie).

Please join us as we continue to cover the release of Stargate: The Ark of Truth.


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